Australian production company Essential Media and Entertainment has formed a co-venture with Malaysian and Irish partners for CGI preschool series Bubble Bath Bay.

Commissioned by ABC Children’s Television, the 52×11’ series will follow the adventures of Sydney the Sailboat, Zip the Water Taxi and their nautical friends in magical waterways, islands and coves.

It is based on an original concept by Sydney-based Gareth Eden Styche of Shambles Inc.

The co-pro partners with Essential are Malaysia’s Ideate MediaTelegael Ireland and Lemon Sky Games & Animation of Malaysia.

It’s the first production deal signed by Ideate, a co-venture between Astro Overseas and Khazanah Nasional, the investment holdings arm of the government of Malaysia, which launched earlier this year to produce animated and live-action films and TV content.

Bejuba! Entertainment will launch the show at Mipcom.

The series director is former Disney Studios Animation director Steve Trenbirth. Aussie actor Colin Friels voices the harbourmaster, Terry the Tug.

Production will be shared by Telegael, Ideate Media and Lemon Sky, and a suite of games, apps and other merchandise is planned.

The series is in pre-production and production starts next February for delivery late that year.

Grahame Grassby of Stella Licensing and Merchandise is handling L&M in Australasia.

Other kids’ shows on Essential’s Mipcom slate include: Alien TV (26×30), an animated series about an Alien news crew’s wacky misinterpretation of life on Earth, a co-venture with eOne Family created by Ian Brown; a new project called Minding Millie, based on a character created by young Australian animation artist Beini Huang; and 13-part factual series My 24, currently in production for ABC, about a group of young people whose lives were irrevocably changed within a 24-hour period.