Zainir Aminullah

Revolution Media is the new brand identity for Ideate Media, a company that Zainir founded in 2013. He envisaged a Malaysian player that would make an impact in the international arena. As CEO, it is his vision and energy that drives the company in its mission to bring Malaysian talent to the global stage.

Prior to starting Revolution Media, Zainir spent 17 years at Astro, Malaysia’s leading integrated media entertainment group. He managed the group’s content business, overseeing various functions including content development, channel management, network operations, content commissioning, in-house production, sports, news and feature films. He also formed strategic partnerships and collaborated with global media organisations to start new businesses in the region, including with A+E, NDTV and Endemol.

Before joining Astro, Zainir spent 7 years at Shell Malaysia in various sales and marketing positions. Trained as an engineer, Zainir obtained his MBA from Chicago Booth.

Zainir hopes Revolution Media will be a game changer for the local industry and a hotbed for creativity. He’s also hoping the enterprise will provide him with a sizeable retirement plan after his numerous failed attempts to become the third guitarist for Van Halen.

Nik Naemah

Nik Naemah is a writer and producer for most of her working life. Her first thought of becoming a famous lyricist was harshly crushed when the very first poem she wrote in school was rejected by the school editorial board.

After getting her degree, she spent two years working and pretending to be normal when she realised that being normal is completely overrated. That’s when she joined Astro in 1996 as a scriptwriter under the tutelage of an experience team commissioning local dramas. Since then, Nik has ventured out as a freelance writer for many years before going back to Astro. In 2008, she began producing shows and finally ended her life-long relationship with Astro as an Executive Producer in 2018.

The thought of an early retirement crossed her mind but she has yet to write that famous lyrics that reach the billboard charts. She has to stay on until that happens.

Chang Sze Wei

Sze Wei has experience in companies like Bentleys MRI & Baker Tilly in Australia & New Zealand, Grant Thornton in Guernsey, Deloitte, PKF Covenant and Huawei in Asia, providing financial services and assisting clients in solutions that maximises potential in high-quality, customer-driven and sales-focused areas. Sze Wei has garnered various achievements in the field of Auditing, Accounting and Finance and fluent in a few languages.

With Revolution Media, Sze Wei hopes to raise the bar and lift the standards of Accounting and Finance in the film industry. With her hobbies in Muay Thai and Pole Dancing, she feels like she’s in a super band with her colleagues and a Van Halen wannabe.

Jasmine Ong

Jasmine Ong, an accounting alumna of the University of Malaya, brings eight years of financial expertise to the world of film production. Her academic excellence laid the foundation for a successful career marked by precision and integrity. Transitioning from traditional finance roles, Jasmine’s bold move into film production showcases her adaptability and passion for exploring diverse industries.

In her dynamic role, Jasmine merges her solid financial acumen with the creative and unpredictable nature of the film industry. Known for her attention to detail and problem-solving skills, she navigates complex financial landscapes with ease. Jasmine’s collaborative spirit and effective communication make her a reliable and strategic partner in the fast-paced world of film production.

Atiqah Aisyah

Atiqah Aisyah, a versatile production executive, embarked on a unique journey from her accounting roots in Ireland to becoming a dynamic force in the film production industry. Armed with a degree in accounts, Atiqah seamlessly transitioned into the captivating world of film, showcasing her adaptability and diverse skill set.

As a true jack of all trades in the production line, Atiqah has amassed invaluable experience in both long-form and short-form projects. Her multifaceted expertise allows her to navigate the intricate details of film production, demonstrating a keen understanding of the complexities inherent in bringing creative visions to life.

Among her notable achievements stands the acclaimed project, “Wizards of Warna Walk,” a testament to Atiqah’s prowess in handling challenging and high-profile productions. Her ability to wear various hats in the production process, coupled with a deep understanding of the industry’s nuances, positions Atiqah as a reliable and resourceful professional in the ever-evolving landscape of film production.

Faizah Ibrahim

Faizah began her career in 2007 as a Human Resources officer at Astro after graduating from UiTM, Shah Alam in Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science. As an HR specialist, she managed all the movement, benefits and employee issues. She was also a key team member for the launching the ‘e-resignation’, ‘e-confirmation’, ‘e-transfer’ and ‘e-Final Statement’ project in Astro which was her biggest achievement during her tenure in Astro.

In 2016 she joined Revolution Media as Admin Executive. As a support personnel, she provides secretarial and clerical support so that the office and production run smoothly and more importantly, she provides some sensibility and stability while her colleagues carry on with their wild antics.

Danial Arif Hussin

Danial, a seasoned professional with a decade of diverse experience spanning commercials to narrative films, has journeyed through various roles in the dynamic world of filmmaking. A proud graduate of London, Danial’s passion for storytelling has been the guiding force in his cinematic endeavors.

Having explored different facets of film production, Danial has found his true calling in writing. His journey from varied roles to the realm of storytelling reflects not only his adaptability but also a deep-seated commitment to uncovering the essence of narratives. With a profound interest in culture, Danial aspires to amplify the voices of diverse cultures and bring their stories to the big screen.

Danial’s unique perspective, rooted in his cultural curiosity, adds depth and authenticity to his storytelling. His academic background, coupled with a decade of hands-on experience, positions him as a storyteller with a keen eye for detail and a commitment to weaving narratives that resonate across cultural boundaries.

Mila Bakar

Mila, a seasoned development executive, weaves her professional narrative from a rich theatrical background, infusing her journey with a unique blend of creativity and strategic insight. Transitioning seamlessly from the stage to the world of writing, Mila has cultivated a multifaceted skill set that sets her apart in the dynamic realm of content development.

Armed with a passion for storytelling honed in the theater, Mila channels her creative energies into crafting compelling narratives. Her theatrical roots not only add a distinctive flavor to her approach but also imbue her with a keen understanding of the power of narrative in captivating audiences