Friday 15th October, London/Kuala Lumpur: 108 Media, a global content financing & media rights management company focused on emerging markets, has attached Zainir Aminullah’s premium production shingle Revolution Media as the co-producer for its original action-crime series I AM VASH (8 x 60min) with a top-tier talent line-up leading the charge for a May 2022 production start towards an early 2023 delivery.

Revolving around the crime-ridden sea-side town of Port Klang during the groovy 1970s Malaysia and charted through Vash, a rebellious policewoman up against societal and political pressures while working the biggest case of her career as she tirelessly hunts down her big whale -an ambitious gang leader creating carnage across the country in his pursuit of dominating the Southeast Asian criminal underworld.

Helmed by one of Malaysia’s most successful and prolific directors Adrian Teh in his signature elevated genre style, the series also counts two of the top actors in Malaysia as part of its topline cast with the versatile Sangeeta Krishnasamy (Best Female Actor winner at the 29th Malaysian Film Award) playing the titular role of Vash and Bront Palarae, one of the most recognisable faces in the region playing her partner Rahman.

The project will be led and executive produced by Justin Deimen, Abhi Rastogi, and Micah Tadena (108 Media) with Zainir Aminullah and Anne Low (Revolution Media), as well as a creative and producing team, set across Southeast Asia and Los Angeles, consisting of David Chang, Choong Chi-Ren, Tony Pietra Arjuna, Justin Wong, Shern Chong and Leon Tan. After making waves in the regional industry with ground-breaking commercial films such as THE WEDDING DIARY, PASKAL and WIRA, director Adrian Teh is enthusiastic about the project’s unique setting “A female lead from an ethnic minority in a retro setting with action? That’s intriguing to me as a director. I’m in!”

Lead actress Sangeeta Krishnasamy steps into the weighty and important role of Vash says “I’m so thrilled to be involved in a project that has its focus during an era in which the local criminal justice system faced some of its biggest challenges and notable stories in our country’s history, and I’m even more excited that it’s led by a female protagonist. Here’s to celebrating women in the forces.”Bront Palarae, one of the finest and most awarded actors in Southeast Asia joins the cast and lends his deep experience to the production. “I am incredibly excited to work on I AM VASH, bringing authentic Southeast Asian stories and characters to international audiences. And to be able to do it with the team at 108 Media and Revolution Media, I am confident we’re going to make this an awesome experience.”

Justin Deimen, president of production for 108 Media finds deep meaning in Vash’s story. “A character like Vash is so important for minorities and our communities in the region to rally around and having her played by a stupendous performer like Sangeeta is so motivating to the team. Marrying cultural and commercial ideals can be a driving point for a new wave of region-specific content which extends to global markets and I’m confident audiences will respond to the series’ incredible vibes and intrigue, and its sense of time and place and style longed for but never forgotten.”Zainir Aminullah who has executive produced global projects like DIRK GENTLY and THE GHOST BRIDE adds his thoughts on the project’s creative ambitions. “1970s Malaysia was an interesting era with sensational events. I AM VASH is an amazing story interlaced with actual incidents, and we are excited to bring this to the screen.”

Inspired by historical events, iconography, and real-life superheroes, the action-packed series was authentically developed with a cross-border writers room designed for local viewers as well as for international markets in its use of primarily English andMalay languages, as well as Tamil and Cantonese dialects. I AM VASH will be sold by 108 Media internationally with Revolution Media handling Malaysia and extended rights in the region.Headquartered in both London and Singapore with key sales and producing offices in Toronto, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Kuala Lumpur, and Manila, 108 Media will finance and produce the title through its financing arm geared towards international markets with a key focus on empowering new creators with cross-cultural IPs.Revolution Media who will co-develop and co-produce the series is a production and development company primarily based in Malaysia with a slate of series and feature film projects in North America, Australia, Indonesia and Malaysia.